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Prove that you are the best Harvester - The Metaball League starts on May 15, 2023!



Metaball is a free-to-play online multiplayer sports game that combines fast-paced movements, thrilling ranked matches, and advanced team play.
You play as a Harvester, trying to bring fame and wealth to his faction by winning merciless Metaball League games with his teammates against other factions' Harvesters.



Power Swing.png

Tired of the boring press to shoot?

Hop on your hoverboard, grab the ball with your chain, and use its swinging power to perform diverse actions. Dunk, shoot, block, and steal your opponent's ball while using the nitro to boost your speed or perform double or triple jumps!

경합 장면_1.png

Compete in PVP matches!

Play versus other Harvesters in different game modes such as 3v3, 2v2, and other minigames!

main character, background (game style details) - 3840x2160 (4K)_PS.png

Collect currencies and rank points!

After each match, you will receive coins and points depending on your performance. So make sure to be the MVP!

Customize your appearance and skills!

With your hard-earned currencies and points, buy your favorite items in the shop and use them in the game! Unlock different checkpoints in your Skill tree to personalize your play style!

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How do I get the latest news from Metaball?

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