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Private Match

Create or join a private match!

The place where you can invite your friend to have a totally casual or competitive game. You can change game settings such as time length and nitro refill cooldown.

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Quick Match

Play a casual match online!

A 3 versus 3 matchup, where both teams play under normal rules and settings. The duration of the game is 5 minutes, and if at the end of this time there is a tie score, an additional overtime period of 1 minute commences. During this extra time, the first team to score wins the match. If neither team scores during the overtime period, the game will end as a draw.



Break records!

Participate in different challenges against all other Riders by setting world records to show that you are the best!



Train to become the best Rider!

Here, rookie Riders can receive assistance from the training bot Lucy, who will provide guidance on the fundamental rules and necessary skills to play Metaball.

Free mode:
Complementary to the tutorial, here Riders play alone in a stadium without a time limit where they can practice their skills by themselves. They can also summon Lucy for a 1v1 match with her.



Play mini-games!

Play rotating modes (such as 1v1, 2v2, half size map, hyper speed, and other) that will regularly be implemented for a precise period and will come back from time to time!

Ranked Match.png

Ranked Match

Play a ranked match online!

Same rules as for a Quick Match but you will also earn rank points that will determine your end-of-the-season rewards depending on your final ranking!

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