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​ Bucketplay Policies

Service Policy


1. Basic Service Policy
1) This operation policy is a fair and consistent service for problems that may occur in the service when customers use the 'mobile game service' (hereinafter referred to as service) provided by Bucketplay Co., Ltd. And to protect your license.
2) The Company may enact / modify / delete the “operation policy” within the scope of violating the relevant laws and regulations for the smooth provision of services and efficient operation. We will announce it through the notice, but in the case of revisions that are unfavorable to customers, we will notify you in the same way 30 days before the date of application.
3) The operation policy is the company's regulations that set general principles of operation such as sanction criteria for violation of customer's obligations set forth in the agreement in order to respond promptly and consistently to problem situations that may occur during the service. Service according to.
4) Matters not mentioned in this Operational Policy may be coordinated through the Terms of Use and the purpose of this Operational Policy, social notions and general sentiment, and related laws and regulations.



2. Definition of terms
The definitions of terms used in this policy are as follows. 1) “Administrator” refers to the person in charge of the company or the person who is authorized by the company who plays a role in helping customers to use the service smoothly in the service. 2) “Customer” means a person who enters into a contract with the company and uses the service. 3) “Name” refers to all names set by the customer, such as nicknames and character names. 4) “Account Information” means the ID and password set by the customer or information randomly given by the company to use the service. 5) “Game Information” refers to some or all information related to game play, such as items, game money, scores, and achievements acquired in the course of using the Service. 6) "Non manners and abnormal behavior" means theft, cash transactions, bugs and system abuse, illegal program use, impersonation, fraud, abusing, theft, disruption of game progress, invasion of privacy, interference with the operation, use and progress of services, Any action that violates the contents of other laws and regulations, including 'acts that are unacceptable in social common sense' such as acts that cause harm. 7) "Theft" means unauthorized use of another's account, such as damage to other's game information (in-game goods, characters, etc.) without the consent of others, or payment without prior consent from others' payment information. All acts. 8) “Cash Transaction” refers to the act of trading, attempting or arranging game information in cash or in kind. 9) “Bugs and System Exploits” means the intentional exploitation of service vulnerabilities (bugs, system errors, etc.). 10) “Illegal Programs” refer to programs, devices, and devices designed for the purpose of disrupting the normal operation of the Services, copyright infringement, or altering, damaging or counterfeiting related data. 11) “Impersonation” means acts of deceiving names, status, etc. 12) “Fraud” means acts that mislead or deceive third parties with false information or cause harm. 13) “Aving” means planning to use a game repeatedly, periodically or aperiodically in an unintended way to obtain a large amount of specific game information (scores, achievements, items, game money, etc.) or to assist in the conduct. Giving is an act of giving. 14) “Delivery” refers to the act of repeatedly posting or registering articles, photos, etc. in order to express one's opinion, express dissatisfaction, or express interest in spaces such as bulletin boards. 15) “Disruption of game play” refers to the act of interfering with or disrupting the normal use of the service in order to damage the third party. 16) “Privacy” refers to the act of exposing or misusing personal information of third parties. 17) "Suspension of use" means that the use of game services and services of various communities (posting, etc.) is suspended during the relevant day. 18) "Unusual payment" means payment of credit cards, mobile phones, ARS, etc. by third parties. Unauthorized use of means means payment of fees for the use of game services, such as purchase of paid items, and all acts of payment or cancellation in a manner not recognized by the Company. 19) "Unusual customer registration" refers to the act of signing up in a way that the company does not recognize, such as signing up with intentional purpose to unfairly take in-game items / game money.



3. Your Obligations and Rights
1) The customer must comply with the company's terms of use and operation policy. If the customer violates the operation policy, the customer can be held responsible for the damages and the consequences. 2) Customer has the right to selectively use all Games and Services elements of Service provided by the Services. 3) The Company owns all rights to all information (characters, items, game money, etc.) related to the service of the customer, and gives the customer the right to use the information. 4) The customer must register with his / her personal information at the time of registration, and if he / she enters false information or subscribes in the name of another person, he / she cannot receive any protection measures from the company, and may be excluded from the event and service use restrictions. There is. 5) The customer must maintain and update the information entered so that it can be maintained correctly, and the information provided must not be made available to third parties. 6) The customer cannot use any service for profit without the company's prior consent. 7) You may not use the information obtained by using the service of the company by other means such as copying, copying, alteration, translation, publication, broadcasting, etc., or provide it to others without the prior consent of the company. 8) The customer is obliged to be aware of the information officially delivered from the company or service, and the company or service is not responsible for the damage caused by not knowing it. 9) Customers must notify the company when they discover or encounter service weaknesses (bugs, system errors, account theft, illegal programs, etc.) and must not spread or misuse them to other customers. Even after discovering the weaknesses of the service, if it is exploited or communicated to others without notifying the company, it may be regarded as intentional unhealthy behavior and subject to the use restriction and legal measures in accordance with the Article 9 Restriction Policy. You can get it. 10) You must respect the rights of others, including copyrights of third parties. If a copyrighted work is used without the prior permission of the copyright holder, the company considers it a copyright infringement under the current copyright law. Therefore, if you find relevant information, you must inform the company so that they can take appropriate action. 11) If a customer is unfairly treated or harmed in using the service, he or she has the right to request the company to correct and correct it through the proper methods and procedures, and if the customer is unfairly treated or damaged by other customers, You have the right to inform and request the application of this policy to other customers. 12) Customers can make inquiries, suggestions and requests related to the service through the channels below. ① In-game [Customer Center] Inquiry (Settings> Customer Center) ② We promise to help you as soon as possible with your feedback through the Customer Center, such as inquiries, suggestions and requests. However, please understand that the response or processing may be delayed due to the work load.



4. Obligations and Roles of Management
1) Management has terms and conditions, operating policy. Know and comply with our Privacy Policy. 2) The management does not inquire about, modify, leak or disseminate the personal information of customers. However, when a government agency or a judicial agency requests the provision of personal information through a legal process, the personal information may be provided to the relevant agency. 3) The management team is informed of all types of bugs and errors that occur to customers through the customer center and community sites, and has a duty to promptly check and correct them. 4) In addition to the officially known game-related matters through game guides and announcements, the management does not provide opinions on the purpose or progress of the game within the service. 5) In principle, the management should not intervene or participate in the normal activities or disputes of customers in the service. 6) The management team may restrict some or all of the service if it is determined that an abnormal or unintentional phenomenon occurs inside or outside the service, which may interfere with the smooth provision of the service. 7) The management shall take various measures regarding the use of the service of a specific customer or group in accordance with Article 8 and 9 of the operation policy if it is determined that the behavior of a specific customer or group prevents the smooth service provision or violates the operation policy. can. 8) The management may warn customers or groups of specific actions or demand certain actions when circumstances arise that are not specified in this policy and it is deemed necessary for smooth service provision. You can take measures such as disconnecting or restricting access.



5. Account Management
1) The company endeavors to protect customer account information. However, the primary responsibility for managing account information lies with the customer. 2) You are responsible for all the consequences of third parties using your personal information, such as your ID and password. The customer is responsible for any damages to the use of the service caused by neglected management or illegal use by third parties, and the company is not responsible for it. 3) If you attempt to share account information with third parties or trade cash / in-kind such as account information, characters, items, etc., you may be sanctioned according to the operation policy without prior warning. You are a registered customer. In addition, transactions and transfers of account information, characters, items, etc. will not be accepted.


6. Recovery Policy
1) When the game information of characters, items, game money, etc. is lost or changed due to the company's fault or technical error of the service, the company recovers the game information to the extent that objective data and information are confirmed through the data. Proceed with processing. 2) Loss or change of game information caused by the customer's negligence, negligence, neglect of management or operation policy, game service or announcements that are not known in advance is not possible. 3) Application for restoration can be investigated and processed only within 5 days of the date of the problem. However, it may vary depending on the DB storage period for each game. 4) The application for restoration must be submitted directly by the customer who has the problem, and third-party representatives will not be accepted. 5) If it is found that the application for restoration is false, the “9. You may take restrictions on the use of the service and take appropriate measures in accordance with the “Terms of Use Policy”. 6) The Company does not support the recovery measures in the following cases among the received recovery applications.
Damages caused by fraud within the Service that occurred more than 5 days after the date of damage caused by sharing, transferring or selling the account information to the third party if the customer's account information is not. (However, in this case, the customer identified as the perpetrator after the investigation by the company may be restricted from use, and all items related to fraud, game money, etc. will be recovered.) Information may be modified, changed or deleted, and will be notified by prior notice. In this case, game information cannot be recovered. 8) The recovery process may not proceed for items paid as events and rewards of the service. 9) Game information lost or changed due to device change or device reset cannot be restored. 10) Depending on the characteristics of the service that records game information on the device, deleting the application from the mobile device will delete the game data and recovery will not be possible.



7. Naming Policy
1) In principle, names of characters, nicknames, and guilds can be set freely during the service use process. However, in the following cases, the management may change the name to ex officio and additional sanctions may be taken if the same cases accumulate.
Names that are offensive to others Abusive, profanity, advertising, or sexually suggestive names Race, Sexually Explicit Names There is a purpose to accuse, insult, or defame any person, group, group, region, or religion. Names that we believe Names that we believe are intended to impersonate the company, its employees, associates, management, etc. Names that may or may not be recognized Names that may infringe on copyrights, trademarks, or other rights of third parties Related laws Names that violate the information or other names deemed necessary to be changed by the objective management 2) If the above does not fall under 1, the character name, nickname, etc. shall not be initialized or changed. Management may change the name to ex officio.
[Sanctions stage]
-1st: nickname reset
-2nd: forced nickname change and suspension of 7 days
3rd: permanent stop



8. Criteria for Inconsistency and Abnormal Behavior
1) "Non manner and abnormal behavior" means theft, cash transactions, bugs and system abuse, illegal program use, impersonation, fraud, abusing, theft, disruption of game progress, invasion of privacy, interference with the operation, use and progress of services, Any action that violates the contents of other laws and regulations, including 'acts that are unacceptable in society's common practice' such as harming behavior. 2) If you use the "non-mannered or abnormal behavior" mentioned in paragraph 1, please note that the use of the game may be restricted or the customer may be suspended without further warning. Examples of types of behaviors are as follows, and contents may be added when it is objectively obvious that social behavior is unacceptable in addition to the contents below: ① Use of abusive language / slang / slang ② Selective and vulgar behavior ③ Other acts that infringe or allegedly infringe the trademark, copyright, etc. of third parties. ④ Improper or fraudulent activity related to services such as management, developers, NPCs, etc. ⑤ Deemed intentions of cash and account transactions. Acts with the intention of doing harm ⑦ Acts deemed to be related to illegal acts ⑧ Actions deemed intended to disparage or demean political religion, race, region, country, group or gender. ⑨ Actions that cause discomfort or inconvenience to other users. 4) Chat spaces, homepages, In the in-game community and in a community officially recognized by the company, the act of hindering public well-being and morals can cause serious harm to other customers, so if you register any of the following acts and posts, Customer's authority may be suspended, etc. ① When it is for commercial purposes or when it is considered to be similar to advertising or advertisements ② When attempting to incite cash transactions, account transactions, server-to-server transactions or other customers ③ Company, Insult another client or third party or honor a slander In case of damaging contents ④ Posting or linking information, sentences, figures, etc. in violation of the Juvenile Protection Act ⑤ In case of promoting illegal copying or hacking ⑥ In case of objectively recognized as being associated with crime ⑦ Other In case of infringement of user's or other rights such as third-party copyright ⑧ In case of deviation from the principle of posting prescribed by the company or inconsistent with the nature of the bulletin board ⑨ Dissemination of false facts or misunderstanding of many customers ⑩ In case of content including intimidation or profanity, obscene words and expressions ⑪ In the case of impersonating management and company employees ⑫ In case of violation of terms and conditions and other related laws



9. Restriction Policy
1) If you violate the criteria specified in the operating policy, you may be restricted from using it without any prior notice. 2) If it is restricted according to the provisions of the operating policy, you can make an appeal by following the explanation procedure below. ① You can make an objection through 1: 1 inquiry in game center. ② Appeals can only be filed within 7 days from the date of application. 3) If the user's behavior meets the criteria in Clause 8, the permanent use can be suspended. ① The period and method of restriction on use may be changed by management. ② In case of overlapping cases, the use may be restricted.



10. Community Standards
1) The community in the service (chat, bulletin board, etc.) and community sites (SNS, official cafes, etc.) are for the purpose of exchanging various information necessary for the customer to use the service, daily conversation, and sharing opinions about the company and the service. In place. 2) The Company shall make every effort to create a healthy community and provide stable community services based on this principle, but shall be responsible for the loss of bulletin board data caused by accidents, natural disasters or other technical problems. not. 3) The company shall in principle not intervene in disputes between users in the community. However, we may be able to intervene or mediate in part by determining the severity of the problem or the degree of adverse impact on our community. In addition, based on its seriousness and the principles of community management, the use of the community can be restricted without prior warning. 4) The company may move or delete posts or comments that do not fit the nature of each community bulletin board. In addition, other unhealthy and uncomfortable articles or comments falling under each of the following 5 paragraphs can be deleted without prior notice, and the author can take restrictions on the use of the service. 5) Don't post the following types of posts or comments in your community: ① Content that violates social order or other morals ② Content that hinders or impairs the company's business ③ Content that is deemed or intended to demean a particular religion, race, region, country, group, or gender ④ Illegal programs Contents related to production, sharing and distribution ⑤ Contents related to the sale or exchange of accounts or items ⑥ Commercial advertising content ⑦ Contents intended to impersonate or impersonate management or employees of the company Contents that are considered to cause discomfort or discomfort to other users ⑨ Contents related to transactions using cash and cash ⑩ Posting the same information repeatedly (domination) ⑪ Contents that are antisocial or contrary to related laws ⑫ Other contents deemed irrelevant to the purpose of each bulletin board. 6) Posts and files of contents that are considered to be infringed by copyright 6) The matters not defined in this principle and the interpretation of this principle shall follow the 'Bucket Play Terms of Use', and other related laws and regulations Follow.



11. Changes to Services
1) The company may modify all or part of the service after prior notice if necessary for the operation of the service, such as new game contents, various bug patches, or technical needs. However, if there is an unavoidable reason, it may be announced afterwards. 2) The customer cannot claim additional damages in addition to the damage received due to the inability to use the paid service due to the change of service. In particular, the Company shall not be liable for damages resulting from loss of benefits not provided directly by the Company or the expected return from the use of the Service.

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