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Patch note
Version: [1.4.0]

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- By leaving a STORE REVIEW :)


Update content:

1) Changes for gameplay:

- Club content has been added. 
- Fixed a bug where the AI would shoot somewhere other than the hoop when taking a shot. 
- Overtime (not Golden Ball) will now only be triggered if the score difference between the two teams is 3 points or less when the timer reaches 0. If the score difference is more than 3 points when the timer reaches 0, the match will automatically end.
- Added the option to adjust the size of the character's head in Appearance. 
- Added randomly generated balls with different designs in Quick Match and Private Match. 
- Changed the first option of the forward and backward tilt options from ±40˚ to +40˚ -20˚.
- Fixed a bug where adding a friend with a meta tag on Xbox would continue to display the virtual keyboard

2) Changes based on feedback:

- Added the ability to create and delete ball generators and ball launchers in Freeplay at any location.

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