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Game Information

  • Game Name: ZEPETO

  • World Name: Zeptown

  • World Developer: Bucketplay Inc.

  • World Release Date: November 1, 2022

  • Game Genre: Sandbox, Open World, RPG

  • Supported languages: A total of 8 languages including English, Korean and Japanese

  • How to play: Download from the App Store or Google Play Store

  • Developer Contact: Global: / South Korea:


Game Introduction


ZEPETO's largest-sized world, where you can role-play and record dramas with your friends using various unique buildings and occupations!

You can customize your avatar with various items such as Zeptown's unique decorative accessories and vehicles!

Game Features


Season System
- Discover a new Season pass concept every new season with limited decoration items and other rewards

Zeptown Showcase(Zepeto Style).mp4_000100.222.png

Raid System
- ZEPETO's first raid content. Equip special items and join forces with your friends to defeat the Ghost Boss and earn rewards
- Equip special items and defeat little ghosts to earn rewards
- With acquired rewards, you can use the Gacha Roulette, obtain s
eason pass rewards, and participate to the ranking competition


Occupation System
- Each occupation offers mini-games and an evolution system
- Play a mini-game with the figure skater occupation

- Perform beautiful figures on the ice rink and gain occupation experience 

Game Video


Characters & Items Design


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