Develop a game that will remain in your best memory.

And a game development company that makes game developers dream come true.

​​About US

Bucketplay Company was founded in 2015.

We aim to be successful in the global gaming market.

We are developing games that can be played on various platforms such as PC, mobile, and console based on creative ideas.

Founding members are skilled at 3D game engines. And we have about 18 successful 3D online game commercials in the past.

In addition, since then we have developed successful arcade games, mobile games and more.

We are doing our best for the top 50 global game charts by 2020.

Our History

What We Don't


Do not make difficult games.


Create a game with our own personality.


Do not proceed with unnecessary overtime.


Do not blame each other within the company.


Don't make games gambling hard.

The bucket play development team welcomes creative and passionate talent.