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My Little Paradise

Design a beautiful resort of your own! Social Network Game ♬

Lie down under a green palm tree
and enjoy the beach on a sunbed.
There’s a BBQ party! Everyone is waiting for you.

Break free from your daily life.
Now’s the time to play, sleep, and eat.

Are you ready to go on vacation in one of the best resort?

Come play My Little Paradise ♥️

♣️ Game Features ♣️

☞ It’s a paradise in mother nature
- Come see the emerald ocean waves and great scenery
- Enjoy surfing in the ocean
- Enjoy a romantic sunset

☞ Lots of facilities to choose from
- Enjoy a cup of coffee at a rooftop cafe
- Use a sunbed if it’s warm, or a cabana if it’s too hot, and get some rest
- A beach restaurant and BBQ lounge are waiting for you

☞ A unique resort of your own
- Design and decorate your resort however you want
- The more decorations you have, the more customers will come
- Feel free to design and modify your resort whenever you want

☞ Enjoy it with your friends
- Send and receive hearts to your friends. Buy items with hearts.

- Visit your Friends’ resort and get a random item.
- Help your Friends by exchanging items.
- Create or join a Club, achieve missions together to be the TOP Club

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